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Are you a U S citizen interested in participating in an ICO – but can’t because you are restricted? 

 Structured Capital Resources has a solution.  

Purchase any tokens from any company anywhere in the world.

Some of the best ICO’s don’t allow U S citizens to participate, because of the regulatory burdens associated with offering the tokens for sale in the US.

But there’s a way that you can work around those barriers, and it’s fairly straightforward.

SCR creates a legal entity (an LLC) that is not based in the US, with a managing member who is also outside of the US.

You transfer the funds that you want to use to acquire tokens in to the legal entity, which is not limited in its ability to participate in purchasing from any company anywhere in the world.  The LLC then acquires the tokens, and the problem is solved.

Fees and Costs. 

The cost for this program is $3,500 (fiat) or $3,000 (major crypto currencies, such as Blockchain or Ethereum).

This is a one time fee.

You can use the entity for as many years as you like, and to participate in as many ICOs as you like.  There is a modest fee for additional transfers or purchases.

There is also a small annual fee ($150) to ‘renew’ the LLC.

Other than that, there are no other expenses.

Larger Transactions

If you are planning on a more significant coin portfolio size (for example, more than $50,000 in value), SCR can provide a more sophisticated structure.

This would typically entail a trust or foundation, settled outside of the US, that owns an LLC or IBC, that in turn in used as the vehicle from which to acquire assets.

This type of a structure typically involves fees of $5,000 to $10,000 (initially), and creates additional protections for the amounts transferred in to the structure.


The most cost effective structure ($3,000 fee, if paying with BitCoin, $3,500 if paying by check, wire, or debit card) is very simple. It is a series LLC, in a jurisdiction outside of the US, that is owned by a non US citizen.  This LLC is created specifically for you, and is completely isolated and separate from any other legal entity.

A wallet associated with the LLC is created as well, and houses your tokens (once they have been purchased.)

A transfer to the entity of the amount you wish to utilize for purchasing tokens takes place after the entity is created.  This can be fiat currency or BitCoin (the initial transfer), and instructions indicating which ICO, amount of tokens to acquire, and related information is provided to the LLC manager.

Once the tokens have been acquired, you will receive access to check the status of your holdings, and can provide instructions as needed to adjust the portfolio.

If you wish, monthly or quarterly reports can be provided (this involves a modest administrative fee). If addition to reports if you require them, you always have access to the information via 24/7 sign in to check assets and balances.

The structure that is created is basically an LLC, owned by an individual that is not a US Citizen, that in turn owns a wallet (in which your tokens are acquired).  You can close the LLC any time you like, liquidate the holdings any time you like, and add to the holding of the LLC at any time.

You will not own the assets, but through either a loan (to the LLC) or an Investment Management Agreement (a contract between you and the LLC that delineates the terms under which the manager of the LLC will manage the assets of the LLC on your behalf) you have effective ownership and control of the holdings within the entity.

Larger Investments

Increase Conversion Rates

If you are planning on investing a substantial sum (for instance, more than $50,000) and are consequently looking for a more sophisticated structure, it’s likely that a non grantor offshore trust structure would be employed.  This involves the settlement of a trust on your behalf, which in turn owns an LLC (or multiple LLCs) that are used as the holding entities for your tokens, or other alternative investments.

The initial fees for this type of approach are typically $5,000 to $10,000, depending on several variables.

The primary reason for the additional complexity isn’t compliance; it is that most individuals aren’t comfortable with the need to rely on the manager of the LLC (in the simpler structure) for more substantial amounts.

Next Steps

There are many other details (ongoing administrative costs and services, access to wallets, etc…), but that is the basic idea.  If you are interested in creating a vehicle through which you can access ICO sales and similar alternative investments that are not available to U S citizens, you may find this is a simple and cost effective way to do just that.


Most people want “more information”; if you are in that category, we can email you an FAQ that will ideally answer most, if not all, of your questions.  Once you’ve had a chance to review it, if you are ready to proceed, we can contact you to explain the next steps.


To keep the fees as low as possible, we do not have individuals on staff that are able to spend a lengthy amount of time answering questions, but if you are interested in establishing a structure after reviewing the materials we email you, we can contact you to gather the information we need to move forward.  This would include emailing you the form to be filled out once you are ready to proceed (which includes processing payment.)

Get Started

Structures can be created and ready to fund in 48 business hours, and we are used to expediting matters once the structure is in place (i.e, once the structure is funded you can typically make your ICO purchase the next day).

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please provide your contact details below and you’ll receive information by email right away.

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